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Ieva's polka

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Lyrics to Ievan polkka:
You could hear the beat of polka coming from the neighbors
It made my feet titillated.
The mother of Ieva was keeping an eye on her daughter,
But Ieva did fool her for prohibitions don't matter
When dancing to the full.
(Nonsense;last word of this phrase means
Ieva was grinning widely
When people were giving their best wishes.
Every one was sweating
And that violin kept screeching and mourning.
Wetness doesn't bother this guy
When going all out.
(nonsense again)
Mother of Ieva was
humming hymns in the chamber,
When this guy was verging the wive's girl
In the neighbor.
Wives don't bother this guy
When dancing to the full.
There was fun after the playing
I once managed to grab her in my arms.
When going home that witch was arguing
And Ieva started grying.
I told Ieva what's the matter
We will fall across the board again.
I tell the granny to shut her mouth
So I won't ruin her health.
You'll get away in full health if you get the fuck out
And go lie to you base.
Gentleness ain't bothering this guy
When bitches are all around the place.
I must say
You can't swallow me without chewing.
You may go from west to east
But I ain't giving up Ieva,
For modesty ain't bothering this guy
When dancing to the full.
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Author's comments:

Giving exact translation from this song is difficult,because the dialect in the original version is heavy,this song also includes lots of "nonsense"impossible to translate

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Ievan polkka

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