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J'aime ( översättning till engelska)

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I do like

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I like, I do like the song
That you often sang to me.
I like, I do like the songs
That remind us our 15.
At 15, we dreamed to go away
To Venise or elsewhere, remember !
Remember how lucky we were
When both we were dancing together!
That's right, I didn't dear kissing you
But, you know, I haven't forgotten any thing
Oh, tell me, by the way, what about you?
I'm married, you know that, of course.
I like, I do like the photo
When you take me in your arms.
And I like, I do like the words of love you whispered to me.
I love you like the first time
But you see, nothing is like before, anymore
Today you are living far from me
And the world is different.
I know it well, everyone is for oneself
And we'll never be 15 anymore
Don't forget that we promised
To love one another during the whole life.
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Inskickad av alain.chevalieralain.chevalier 2020-01-04
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