Cecilia Bartoli - Ah, non credea mirarti... Ah, non giunge... (English translation)


Ah, non credea mirarti... Ah, non giunge...

Ah, non credea mirarti
si presto estinto, o fiore!
Passasti al par d'amore,
che un giorno sol durò.
Potria novel vigore
il pianto mio recarti
ma ravvivar l'amore
il pianto mio, ah no, non può...
Ah, non giunge uman pensiero
al contento ond'io son piena:
a miei sensi io credo appena;
tu m'affida, o mio tesor!
Ah, mi abbraccia, e sempre insieme,
sempre uniti in una speme,
della terra, in cui viviamo
ci formiamo un ciel d'amor...
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The final aria for Vincenzo Bellini's magnificent opera "La Sonnambula", originally performed in the Teatro Carcano of Milan on the 6th of March,1831 by legendary diva Giuditta Pasta. _____________________________________________________________

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English translation

Ah, I Didn't Think I'd See You... Ah, It Can't Manage...

Ah, I didn't believe I'd see you
Wither so quickly, oh blossom!
You have faded away just like love,
Which only lasted a day.
Maybe my tears could
Lend you new life,
But to revive love
My tears oh no, they cannot do so...
Ah, human thought can't manage
(To grasp) the depth of my happiness:
I can barely believe my own senses;
You do trust me, oh my darling!
Ah, hold me and, always together,
Always united in a single hope,
From this land in which we live
We shall build a heaven of love...
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