Ave Maria (English translation)

  • Artist: Franz Schubert
  • Featuring artist: Luciano Pavarotti
  • Also performed by: Kaitlyn Maher
  • Song: Ave Maria 15 translations
  • Translations: Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, English #1, #2, #3, Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian
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Ave Maria

Ave Maria
Gratia plena
Maria, gratia plena
Maria, gratia plena
Ave, ave Dominus
Benedicta tu in mulieribus
Et benedictus
Benedictus fructus ventris tuae
Ventris tuae, Jesus
Ave Maria
(Ave Maria, Ave Maria , ah - ah)
Et in hora mortis nostrae
Mortis nostrae
Ave Maria
(Ah - ah - ah - ah...)
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Ave Maria

Versions: #1#2#3
Ave Maria
Virgin of the sky
Sovereign of thanksgiving and loving mother
Accept the fervent prayer of everybody
Do not refuse
To this lost person of mine, love
Truce in his pain!
My lost soul turns to you
And full of repentment, humbles at your feet
It invokes you and waits for the true peace
That only you can give
Ave Maria
Ave Maria, full of thanksgiving
Maria, full of thanksgiving
Maria, full of thanksgiving
Ave Ave God
Your God
Be blessed among the women
And blessed
And blessed be the product of your womb
Your womb, Jesus.
Ave Maria.
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