Mais je t’aime (English translation)

  • Artist: Grand Corps Malade (Fabien Marsaud)
  • Featuring artist: Camille Lellouche
  • Song: Mais je t’aime 4 translations
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But I love you

[ Camille Lellouche]
But don’t give me that!
You know, what is wrong with me,
don’t expect too much
You know, the estrangements are profound
Without me, don’t hold on too tightly
If you have any doubts , don’t hold on too tightly
If it costs you, don’t let me leave you
Even though I am sure of myself
I give you everything that I have, so try to see in me that...
I love you
But I love you
I love you *4
I love you, as strong as I can
I love you, and I do my best
[ Grand Corps Malade]
I have been told “ wait!
You will see, love is a big fire.”
It sizzles, It illuminates
It shines, It warms
It stings the eyes
It sends hundreds of fireflies
Up there to the sky
Suddenly it lights up
And it shed lights on the world and city differently
We lit the match for sparks of our beginnings
We fed this fireplace with our overindulgence, with our exaggerations
We loved each other more than anything,
Alone in our own little world
These flames drove us crazy
We forgot that in the end, the fire burns
[ Camille Lellouche]
And I love you
I love you x5
I love you, as strong as I can
I love you, and I do my best
[Grand Corps Malade]
I approach very close to our fire and I am sweating with bitterness
I see these yellow and blue flames are dancing, and the passion is burning
Why when love is strong it makes us vulnerable and fragile
I think of us and I stagger, why since then nothing is easy
I love you on fire, I love you in gold
I love you anxiously, I love you strongly
I love you for both of us, I love you wrongly
It’s perilous, I still love you
Well it is true it pierces me
I love you ponderously, I love you wobbly
Of course, it devours me I know so much that I love you poorly
[ Camille Lellouche]
If I move on with you
It’s because I see myself doing this dance in your arms
Expectations, I don’t have any
You give me so much love, so much strength
That I can no longer do without you
If my words hurt you, it is not your fault
My wounds are from yesterday
There are days which are harder than others
If my words weigh on you
It is not my fault
It is not my fault
But I love you
I love you x5
I love you, as strong as I can
I love you, and I do my best
But, I love you...
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The translation is done by Bahareh Tajfirouz.Please ask for permission if you would like to use or reprint it.
Submitted by arc-en-cielarc-en-ciel on Sun, 21/06/2020 - 09:35
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Mais je t’aime

Translations of "Mais je t’aime"
English arc-en-ciel
Please help to translate "Mais je t’aime"
Martin1216Martin1216    Sun, 21/06/2020 - 10:08

We forgot that in the end, the fire burns.👍

Minoo2345Minoo2345    Sun, 21/06/2020 - 17:10

This song made me cry 😢

arc-en-cielarc-en-ciel    Sun, 21/06/2020 - 17:37

Yeah it’s so touching 😊

silencedsilenced    Sun, 21/06/2020 - 17:53

You did a very nice job there. A heartfelt translation.

Just a couple of details:

too strong -> rather "strongly", "I love you too strong" rather makes me think of "I love you when you're too strong"
(same problem in a few different places)

alors essaie de voir -> it's her asking him to see (I'm giving you everything I have, so try to...)

et je vacille, pourquoi depuis rien n'est facile -> I'd rather say "stagger" for "vaciller", and the end of the sentence got lost somewhere

Évidemment ça me dévore -> rather "obviously", "of course"

I love you badly -> that's a bit ambiguous. The French clearly means "the wrong way" or "poorly"

C'est que je me vois -> "it is because I see myself..." (this pesky "c'est que" again Wink smile )

arc-en-cielarc-en-ciel    Sun, 21/06/2020 - 18:13

I am so grateful for your comment and great suggestions 🙏

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