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A mi amiga (English translation)

  • Artist: Amanda Miguel (Amanda Antonia Miguel Samsó)
  • Song: A mi amiga Album: El Sonido Vol. 2 (1983)
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To My Friend

We walked the same paths, my friend,
Without ever arguing.
We shared secrets, my friend,
In a soft whisper...
My life was a book, my friend,
And I opened it without fear
So you could read it, my friend,
Just because you were my friend...
There are things in this life, my friend,
That cannot be explained;
I expected everything from you, my friend,
Except a betrayal.
I won't judge you, my friend:
That must be left to God!
Let your conscience be, my friend,
The one to say whether you were ever my friend at all...
You're free to speak:
I'm at peace!
Who's the one that will lose?
Only God knows...
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A mi amiga

Idioms from "A mi amiga"
All PrometeAll Promete    Thu, 27/01/2022 - 12:08

Your translation conveys the whole sense of the song
Really great

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