Under the table

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Meanings of "Under the table"


1. To do something secretly, elusively, or illegally. Paying someone for a good or services (work) without reporting it for taxes, or if they are receiving government assistance would be an example. It relates usually to being paid unreported monies (cash). It originates from secretive dealings going on during a card game.
2. To drink (alcohol) someone 'under the table' is to drink more than they can with the result being that they pass out before you do.

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"Under the table" in lyrics

TIX - The Sheikh 2015

Do you wanna go home with me if I serve you some alcohol then?
And tonight it is allowed to be a whore
Do you wanna go home with me when we drink under the table?

Grupo Niche - An Adventure / A Fling

About to burst, we're about to burst
Every time we're on front of each other gazing
And we touch each other's feet under the table
And a stolen kiss ever remains as a goodbye

Hiền Thục - Mum's diary

Must be someone you care very much for.
One day, I see your uneasy feeling
The rose still under the table
The leaf still not wilted, the flower still not withered

Morat - Under the Table

Unless you find me I'll still be lost

I touched your feet under the table
You know well that it was not an accident

Omar Rudberg - The table

You leave him, and I leave her
And we are looking each other under the table
Tell him that you are're leaving and that your head hurts

Haris Alexiou - For One Single Tango

I’d give all my treasure for one single tango!
And just one touch of yours under the table.1
Casually, as I turn my head to check,

  • 1. To create a version of this verse where the rhyme scheme would more closely follow that of the original, this line and the next one could be rendered as "under the table our knees connect. / Casually I turn my head to and fro" But this seems a bit forced to me.

Hanan Ben Ari - Hindik

This is not normal, this is something crazy

He went under the table, gyrated, jumped and cackled
Took off his clothes, took off his age, took off his mind

Dove Cameron - Lethal Woman

And she walks like a saint, floats like an angel
Sharp like a knife under the table
Can't feel my face, I should've stayed home

Emilia (Argentina) - GTA.mp3

You don't get out of my head
I'm looking at you when she kisses you
I touch you secretly under the table
I have a show for you in private if you are interested

Lorenzo (France) - Dirty Freestyle

Make them smoke, so they gon' shut up
My man, my man ! Drink whisky for all the niggas
And all the funniest comin' to suck us under the table
I'm the great bad wolf scares you in the fable

Skillet - Rise

"There's a guy here with a gun!"
"Ma'am? Ma'am?"
"Kids, get under the table! Get under the table!"

Giorgos Tsalikis - The Love Letter

The love letters go back and forth under the tables (x2)

Throw me the love letter under the table
Write your number, first and last name on it

BIBI (South Korea) - Kazino

Dice and Ice cube
It's too dangerous here (I need you)
Home-girls, bitches
Just shuffle the cards

Lazza - NOBODY

I don't tell nobody about it
That if it was up to you, in order to kill me, you'd pay someone
I spend money on brands, I got a backpack full of cash, it's like I work under the table
But you don't know that when they turn the lights off on set, only smoke remains

Blaise Cendrars - Trans-Siberian Prose and Little Jeanne from France

Do as she does Death Hunger perform your craft
It costs one hundred sou, in the Trans-Siberian, it costs one hundred rubles
The benches in fever and red flashes under the table
The devil is at the piano

Sigur Rós - Surface

don't say a word
do not drink from the nozzle
hands under the table
go into the kitchen

Luna Ki - September

Tell me that you love me
I do your homework
I blow you under the table and you die, fuck
I'm Eminem

K.I.Z. - Bad Girl

A bad girl (who doesn't just dis-- she goes off!)
Who laughs about what other women are like
Who'll drink me under the table and then jump my bones

Alina Eremia - Who's the fire, who's the water

And I hope tomorrow it won't go away (Won't go away)
Maybe, maybe I'm a coward
One more cigarette, our clothes are under the table

Stam1na - I Carried You Through The Silent Room

Pulling white noise through

Your bed was already made under the table
Table reserved only for one