Belle (English translation)

English translation

Notre-Dame De Paris

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You'd think the word was invented for her
When she danses, revealing her body, like
A bird spreading its wings ready to fly
Then I feel Hell opening under my feet
My gaze has fallen on her gypsy's dress
What good could it do me now to pray to our Lady?
Will cast the first stone against her?
He dosen't deserve to live
Oh Satan!
Oh! Let me, just once,
Slide my fingers through Esmeralda's hair
Is she the devil incarnate
Come to turn my eyes away from the eternal Lord,
Putting this carnal desire inside of me
To prevent me from looking to Heaven?
She carries original sin inside of her
Does desiring her make me a criminal?
Who we took for a hore, a nobody
Suddenly seems to be carrying the cross of the human race
Oh our Lady!
Oh! Let me, just once
Push open Esmeralda's garden-door
Despite her large eyes which bewitch you
Might she still be a virgin?
When her movements let me glimpse mountains and wonders
Under her petticoat of many colours
My beloved, let me be unfaithful to you
Before I've led you to the altar
Man could turn his gaze from her
Even should he risk being turned into a pillar of salt
Oh fleur-de-lis
I am not a religious man
I will go and pluck Esmeralda's flower of love
A quoi me sert encore de prier Notre-Dame
Est celui qui lui jettera la première pierre
O Lucifer !
Glisser mes doigts dans les cheveux d'Esméralda
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Guest    Wed, 03/06/2009 - 19:06

Actually, this is from the Notre Dame de Paris musical. The song is called "Belle".