Translations from and to French

Patrick BruelJ'te mentiraisFrench → Italian-
George MichaelHand to MouthEnglish → French-
South ParkMake Bullying Kill ItselfEnglish → French-
Édith PiafUn jeune homme chantaitFrench → Croatian-
Gilbert O'SullivanAlone Again (Naturally)English → French-
IndilaS.O.S.French → Slovak-
The WeepiesLittle BirdEnglish → French-
The InternetGirlEnglish → French-
Gilbert O'SullivanOut of the QuestionEnglish → French-
Jeanne MoreauIndia SongFrench → Turkish-
Boris VianLa VieFrench → Turkish-
AlcestJe suis d'ailleursFrench → English-
AlcestJe suis d'ailleursFrench → Turkish-
Charles TrenetLes Bruits de ParisFrench → Turkish-
Noir Boy Georgeson meurt aujourd'huiFrench → English-
FairuzLa Tas'alouny - لا تسألونيArabic → French-
FairuzAtini alnay wa ghanny- أعطني الناي و غنArabic → French-
FairuzQuds al AtikaArabic → French-
Fairuzسنرجع يوماً (we will return some day)Arabic → French-
Christine and the QueensSaint ClaudeFrench → Transliteration-
Christine and the QueensiTEnglish → French-
CaliS'il te plaîtFrench → English-
CaliÀ cet instant je pense à toiFrench → English-
Markus RivaDynamiteEnglish → French-
SopranoMon EverestFrench → English-
Henry GaratAvoir un bon copainFrench → Polish-
Beyza DurmazBen N'aptımTurkish → French-
Brigitte BardotJe danse donc je suisFrench → Turkish-
Notre-Dame de Paris (France)Visite de Frollo à EsmeraldaFrench → Arabic-
Brigitte BardotHarley DavidsonFrench → Turkish-
Brigitte BardotGang gangFrench → Turkish-
Notre-Dame de Paris (France)Les sans-papiersFrench → Arabic-
Brigitte BardotCiel de litFrench → Turkish-
'N SyncIt's Gonna Be MeEnglish → French-
Whitney HoustonCould I Have This Kiss ForeverEnglish → French-
Brigitte BardotAy que viva la sangriaFrench → Turkish-
Brigitte BardotÀ la fin de l'étéFrench → Turkish-
Patricia KaasLa libertéFrench → Turkish-
Patricia KaasTu pourras direFrench → Turkish-
Lara FabianAmourexiqueFrench → Spanish-
Troye SivanHappy Little PillEnglish → French-
Patricia KaasUne femme comme une autreFrench → Turkish-
Mylène FarmerDésenchantéeFrench → Hungarian-
Charles AznavourLe Temps-new formatFrench → Persian-
Charles AznavourLe Temps-new formatFrench → English-
IndilaMon fol amourFrench → Slovak-
Marie-MaiEmmène-moiFrench → Slovak-
Marie-MaiToutFrench → Slovak-
CarrouselJ'avais Rendez-vousFrench → Japanese-
NutekiTake My HeartEnglish → French-
Vlad KurasovFollow The PlayEnglish → French-
Patricia KaasL'amour devant la merFrench → Turkish-
Patricia KaasEntre dans la lumièreFrench → Turkish-
The RubettesChérie d'amourEnglish → French-
Pascal DanelLes neiges du KilimanjaroFrench → Italian-
Noir Boy Georgesles villes de moins de 4000 habitantsFrench → English-
Patricia KaasAdèleFrench → Turkish-
VianneyJe m'en vaisFrench → Spanish-
Noir Boy Georgesmessin plutôt que françaisFrench → English-
Jesse BonannoNever AloneEnglish → French-
Arctic MonkeysBaby I'm YoursEnglish → French-
Arctic MonkeysA Certain RomanceEnglish → French-
Emilia AmperUt i mörka nattenSwedish → French-
Christina PerriI BelieveEnglish → French-
SkilletThe Last NightEnglish → French-
Mandy MooreOnly HopeEnglish → French-
Delta GoodremBreathe in, Breathe outEnglish → French-
Delta GoodremBare HandsEnglish → French-
The Book of Life (OST)Partout ou tu iras [No Matter Where You Are] (Canadian)French → English-
Delta GoodremButterflyEnglish → French-
Stefan BalkanSaint-ValentinFrench → Dutch-
The Book of Life (OST)Je t'aime un peu trop [I Love You Too Much]French → English-
Katy PerryLove MeEnglish → French-
Katy PerryBirthdayEnglish → French-
Katy PerryThinking of YouEnglish → French-
AngeeliaWe ride with our flowEnglish → French-
Crown the EmpireMachinesEnglish → French-
The RubettesI can do itEnglish → French-
Alison WheelerLa chanteuse de salle de bainFrench → Transliteration-
Cœur de pirateDanse et danseFrench → Turkish-
Demet SağıroğluArnavut KaldırımıTurkish → French-
EmrahNarin YarimTurkish → French-
The RubettesJuke Box JiveEnglish → French-
Anna GermanAch, dzieciPolish → French-
KerliDiamond HardEnglish → French-
The ChainsmokersParisEnglish → French-
Melissa DisneyRobots of the Galaxy (Death to the Squishes)English → French-
The Book of Life (OST)L’endroit où tu iras [No Matter Where You Are]French → English-
Ludmila FerberOuço Deus me chamarPortuguese → French-
Mandy MooreCryEnglish → French-
Cœur de pirateCorbeauFrench → Turkish-
Cœur de pirateC'était salement romantiqueFrench → Turkish-
Ludmila FerberCalmaPortuguese → French-
Cœur de pirateBerceuseFrench → Turkish-
The Book of Life (OST)Si tu peux pardonner [The Apology Song] (Canadian)French → English-
Animal CollectiveMy girlsEnglish → French-
BibioPetalsEnglish → French-
BibioBones & SkullsEnglish → French-
One OK RockWe Are -Japanese Ver.-English → French-
Pagan Songs and ChantsWe are a CircleEnglish → French-