Translations from and to French

5 Seconds of SummerCatch fireEnglish → French-
5 Seconds of SummerInvisibleEnglish → French-
Jacques DutroncIl est cinq heures, Paris s'éveilleFrench → Arabic-
La Légende du Roi ArthurLe Serment d'ArthurFrench → English-
Franck MichaelLe fils de l'ItalienFrench → Italian-
Taylor SwiftWildest DreamsEnglish → French-
ImaIvre d'amourFrench → Italian-
Lara FabianJe Suis Mon CoeurFrench → Greek-
Mylène FarmerRegretsFrench → Romanian-
Charles AznavourL'amour c'est comme un jourFrench → Turkish-
Charles AznavourquiFrench → Turkish-
Charles AznavourQue c'est triste VeniseFrench → Turkish-
MoeinBighararPersian → French-
Charles AznavourJe t'attendsFrench → Turkish-
Charles AznavourIsabelleFrench → Turkish-
Charles AznavourIl Faut SavoirFrench → Turkish-
MoeinMilad میلادPersian → French-
Charles Aznavourhier encoreFrench → Turkish-
Charles AznavourEt pourtantFrench → Turkish-
Ian and SylviaUn Canadien ErrantFrench → Persian-
Jacques BrelLe Plat PaysFrench → Swedish-
Shawn MendesAirEnglish → French-
Franck MichaelLe chemin des souvenirsFrench → Russian-
Shawn MendesA Little Too MuchEnglish → French-
5 Seconds of SummerI've Got This FriendEnglish → French-
Peter Pan (OST)Deine Mutter [Your Mother and Mine]German → French-
5 Seconds of SummerPermanent VacationEnglish → French-
Peter Pan (OST)You Can Fly! (Finale / Reprise)English → French-
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (OST)Il vit en toi [He Lives in You] (European French)French → English-
Peter Pan (OST)Pourquoi sa peau est rouge ? [What Made the Red Man Red?]French → English-
Mylène FarmerPoint de sutureFrench → Finnish-
SiaOne Million BulletsEnglish → French-
Mylène FarmerSi j’avais au moins...French → Finnish-
EnyaAstra et LunaLatin → French-
Natasa TheodoridouEla Sti Thesi Mou (Έλα Στη Θέση Μου)Greek → French-
KerliFragileEnglish → French-
La Grande SophieOn savaitFrench → Swedish-
Serge GainsbourgCe Grand Mechant VousFrench → English-
Annalisa ScarroneVinceròItalian → French-
Annalisa ScarroneSplendeItalian → French-
Serge GainsbourgRequiem pour un twisterFrench → English-
Pokemon ThemePokemon Johto főcímdalHungarian → French-
Peter Pan (OST)What Made the Red Man Red?English → French-
Les Hurlements d'LéoL'AccordéonisteFrench → English3
Justin BieberLove YourselfEnglish → French-
IndilaDernière DanseFrench → Malay-
Brigitte FontaineJe Suis DécadenteFrench → English-
Avril LavigneHow Does It FeelEnglish → French-
Franck MichaelFou de CorfouFrench → English-
Franck MichaelFou de CorfouFrench → Greek-
PentatonixLove AgainEnglish → French-
Maître GimsEst-ce que tu m'aimesFrench → Serbian-
CaribouOdessaEnglish → French-
Mylène FarmerC’est pas l’heureFrench → Turkish-
Mylène FarmerC'est dans l'airFrench → Turkish-
National AnthemsSwedish National Anthem - Du Gamla, Du friaSwedish → French-
Jessy Y JoyEcos de AmorSpanish → French-
National AnthemsFrench National Anthem - La MarseillaiseFrench → German-
France GallLes sucettesFrench → Russian-
Hailee SteinfeldYou're Such A..English → French-
EvanescenceField Of InnocenceEnglish → French-
SpleanKonets prekrasnoy epokhi (Конец прекрасной эпохи)Russian → French-
Casseurs FlowtersÀ l'heure où je me coucheFrench → English-
Vera LynnA Nightingale Sang in Berkeley SquareEnglish → French-
Peter Pan (OST)Yalla nteer - يلا نطير [You Can Fly!]Arabic → French-
Fabrizio De AndréCanzone del maggioItalian → French-
Peter Pan (OST)Le besoin d'aimer [Your Mother and Mine] (European French)French → English-
Peter Pan (OST)La deuxième petite étoile [The Second Star To The Right] (European French)French → English-
Peter Pan (OST)A la file indienne [Following the Leader] (European French)French → English-
Peter Pan (OST)Nous suivons le guide [Following the Guide] (European French)French → English-
Peter Pan (OST)C'est ma chère maman [Your Mother and Mine] (European French)French → English-
Peter Pan (OST)La deuxième petite étoile (1953) [The Second Star To The Right] (European French)French → English-
Peter Pan (OST)Tu t'envoles [You can fly!] (European French)French → English-
Adrian SinaHold OnEnglish → French-
Peter Pan (OST)J'ai des ailes [You Can Fly!] (European French)French → English-
RiefenstahlEs tut so wehGerman → French-
System of a DownRouletteEnglish → French-
System of a DownCUBErtEnglish → French-
CandlemassSamarithanEnglish → French-
Serge GainsbourgLes cigarillosFrench → English-
Wise GuysDenglischGerman → French-
Tina FabriqueReading RainbowEnglish → French-
Black MSur Ma RouteFrench → English-
Maisey RikaOhomairangiMaori → French-
Léo FerréChanson d'automneFrench → Turkish-
Julien ClercJ'oublieFrench → Turkish-
Johnny HallydayQuand revient la nuitFrench → Swedish-
Peter Pan (OST)Your Mother and MineEnglish → French-
Salvatore AdamoNoël sur les milandesFrench → English-
Peter Pan (OST)You Can Fly!English → French-
BurzumErblicket die Töchter des FirmamentsEnglish → French1
SólstafirKöld Icelandic → French-
Peter Pan (OST)The Second Star To The RightEnglish → French-
Peter Pan (OST)The Elegant Captain HookEnglish → French-
Peter Pan (OST)Following the LeaderEnglish → French-
Peter Pan (OST)A Pirate's LifeEnglish → French-
YohannaI miss youEnglish → French-
Jenny NordlöfVar inte räddSwedish → French-
Franck MichaelEn ItalieFrench → Croatian2