Translations from and to French

France Gall Laisse tomber les fillesFrench → Russian-
StéphanieOuraganFrench → Latvian-
Within TemptationAnd We RunEnglish → French-
Carmen MirandaNo tabuleiro da BaianaPortuguese → French-
Within TemptationDangerousEnglish → French-
Within TemptationDog Days [Demo]English → French-
Carmen MirandaPra Você Gostar De MimPortuguese → French-
Within TemptationEdge Of The WorldEnglish → French-
Within TemptationEmpty EyesEnglish → French-
Within TemptationEnterEnglish → French-
Within TemptationFasterEnglish → French-
ElisaTi Vorrei SollevareItalian → French-
Within TemptationFinal DestinationEnglish → French-
ElisaL'abitudine di sorridereItalian → French-
Within TemptationFire And IceEnglish → French-
ElisaTi dirò di sìItalian → French-
Within TemptationForgivenEnglish → French-
ElisaPugni sotto la cinturaItalian → French-
Fauve ≠BlizzardFrench → Serbian-
ElisaGli ostacoli del cuoreItalian → French-
Meghan TrainorDear Future HusbandEnglish → French-
Anna GermanNoc wie o wszystkimPolish → French-
Within TemptationForsakenEnglish → French-
Anna GermanKolybel'naya (Колыбельная)Russian → French-
Within TemptationGatekeeperEnglish → French-
Within TemptationGothic ChristmasEnglish → French-
Within TemptationGraceEnglish → French-
Carmen MirandaO Que É Que A Bahiana Tem?Portuguese → French-
Within TemptationIn The Middle of the NightEnglish → French-
Within TemptationIronEnglish → French-
Carmen MirandaAi, Bahia/Na baixa do SapateiroPortuguese → French-
Within TemptationJane DoeEnglish → French-
Within TemptationJillianEnglish → French-
Within TemptationLet Her GoEnglish → French-
Carmen MirandaTico-tico No FubáPortuguese → French-
Within TemptationLet Us BurnEnglish → French-
Within TemptationOur FarewellEnglish → French-
Crucified BarbaraDark SideEnglish → French-
Crucified BarbaraRatsEnglish → French-
Crucified BarbaraEverything We NeedEnglish → French-
Ana MouraNa palma da mão Portuguese → French-
Meghan TrainorClose Your EyesEnglish → French-
Once More, With FeelingI've Got A TheoryEnglish → French-
Within TemptationOur Solemn HourEnglish → French-
Into the Woods (OST)Prologue: Into the WoodsEnglish → French-
Within TemptationOvercomeEnglish → French-
Once More, With FeelingGoing Through The MotionsEnglish → French-
Meghan TrainorTitleEnglish → French-
Within TemptationPaleEnglish → French-
Edith PiafQu'il Était Triste Cet AnglaisFrench → English-
Within TemptationPearls of LightEnglish → French-
Edith PiafQu'il Était Triste Cet AnglaisFrench → English-
Within TemptationPerfect HarmonyEnglish → French-
Within TemptationRestless (Classical Version)English → French-
Within TemptationShot In The DarkEnglish → French-
Within TemptationSilver MoonlightEnglish → French-
Within TemptationSinéadEnglish → French-
Within TemptationStairway To The SkiesEnglish → French-
Lisa AngellN'oubliez pasFrench → Spanish-
Within TemptationStand My GroundEnglish → French-
Within TemptationTell Me WhyEnglish → French-
Edith PiafChanson d'AmourFrench → English-
Betty WhoSomebody Loves YouEnglish → French-
Il VoloWe Are LoveEnglish → French-
Mélanie RenéTime to ShineEnglish → French-
Il VoloTi voglio tanto beneItalian → French-
Il VoloSplendidaItalian → French-
Il VoloQuesto amoreItalian → French-
Il VoloNon Farmi AspettareItalian → French-
KaguHumanEnglish → French1
Il VoloMi Vida Spanish → French-
Il VoloMattinataItalian → French-
Edith PiafSalle d'AttenteFrench → English-
Marie-Pierre ArthurPourquoiFrench → English-
Edith PiafQuatorze JuilletFrench → English-
MédineGrand MédineFrench → English-
ALYS / アリスDans mon mondeFrench → Portuguese-
KillakikittLehettem volnaHungarian → French-
Paulinho da ViolaSinal FechadoPortuguese → French-
Paulinho da ViolaFoi um rio que passou em minha vidaPortuguese → French-
PixinguinhaCarinhosoPortuguese → French-
Tom JobimEsse Seu OlharPortuguese → French-
Tom JobimBrazilPortuguese → French-
Tom JobimFotografiaPortuguese → French-
Estatic FearChaptier IXEnglish → French-
Céline DionJe N'ai Pas Besoin D'amourFrench → Spanish-
Estatic FearChapter VIEnglish → French-
Estatic FearChapter V (AKA 'Cold Dark Theme')English → French-
Estatic FearChapter IIEnglish → French-
Estatic FearChapter IVEnglish → French-
Estatic FearChapter IIIGerman → French-
Estatic FearChapter IEnglish → French-
Gal CostaVapor BaratoPortuguese → French-
MakSimNe Vydykhaj (Не Выдыхай)Russian → French-
MakSimZhivi (Живи)Russian → French-
MakSimGodRussian → French-
MakSimNe znat' (Не знать)Russian → French-
Les Cowboys Fringants8 secondesFrench → English-
CartolaDivina DamaPortuguese → French-
Lô BorgesNuvem CiganaPortuguese → French-