Translations from and to French

Tonight AliveHow Does It Feel?English → French-
Tonight AliveTen Times BetterEnglish → French-
José MartíCultivo Una Rosa BlancaSpanish → French-
Tonight AliveYou Don't Owe Me AnythingEnglish → French-
Jeanne CherhalNoxoloFrench → Esperanto-
Les cowboys fringuantsPlus rienFrench → Spanish-
Eleftheria ArvanitakiPiretos krifos (Πυρετός κρυφός)Greek → French-
Dracula, entre l'amour et la mortMinaFrench → Arabic-
Rap Battles Of Video Games All-StarsMario Vs Sonic (Round 2)English → French-
Anders Glenmark"Hon Har Blommor I Sitt Hår"Swedish → French-
CorneilleTerreFrench → German-
The Everly BrothersAll I Have To Do Is DreamEnglish → French-
Edward MayaHistoria de AmorEnglish → French-
Gin WigmoreSaturday SmileEnglish → French-
Rap Battles Of Video Games All-StarsLink Vs SoraEnglish → French-
laurent wolfno stressEnglish → French-
JulOn est tropFrench → English-
PNLOh lalaFrench → English-
The CabTemporary BlissEnglish → French-
Keny ArkanaUne Seule HumanitéFrench → Turkish-
ElissaBeddy DoubArabic → French-
5 Seconds of SummerGirls Talk BoysEnglish → French-
CorneilleSeul au mondeFrench → German-
PNLGala GalaFrench → Spanish-
Jean François Maurice28° à l'ombreFrench → Hungarian-
Guillaume ApollinaireLiensFrench → Turkish-
Guillaume ApollinaireZoneFrench → Turkish-
Guillaume ApollinaireMarizibillFrench → Turkish-
Rap Battles Of Video Games All-StarsPac-Man Vs KirbyEnglish → French-
Rap Battles Of Video Games All-StarsWario Vs Dr. EggmanEnglish → French-
PNLJ'Suis QLFFrench → English5
Propaganda (Germany)p:MachineryEnglish → French-
And OneTraumfrau German → French-
Rap Battles Of Video Games All-StarsMario Vs SonicEnglish → French-
Tonton DavidChacun sa routeFrench → English-
Pauline CrozeT'es beauFrench → German-
PNLJ'suis PNLFrench → Spanish-
ComixTouche pas à mon sexeFrench → English-
Guillaume ApollinaireLa synagogueFrench → German-
Royal BloodOut of the blackEnglish → French-
Guillaume ApollinaireLe brasierFrench → Spanish-
Jeanne CherhalL'Oreille CoupéeFrench → English-
Madilyn BaileyWiserEnglish → French-
Kids UnitedOn écrit sur les mursFrench → English-
Charles AznavourC'est finiFrench → Serbian-
Jeanne CherhalCheval de FeuFrench → English4
Jacques BrelSeulFrench → Serbian-
Jeanne CherhalMa vie en l'airFrench → English6
Pauline CrozeLa javanaiseFrench → Portuguese-
Céline DionLove Can Move MountainsEnglish → French-
Yannick NoahQuand ils sont làFrench → English-
Deborah BlandoIn Your EyesEnglish → French-
Roméo et JulietteLe balconFrench → Turkish-
Tonight AliveHuman InteractionEnglish → French-
Black Veil BridesAll Your HateEnglish → French1
Alessia CaraMy SongEnglish → French-
Melania RotaUna mela di teItalian → French1
Little MixHairEnglish → French-
Maître GimsHabibiFrench → English-
Enrico MaciasAdieu Mon PaysFrench → Arabic-
Carlos VivesLa BicicletaSpanish → French-
Kendji GiracSonrisaSpanish → French-
Jacques BrelLa QuêteFrench → Serbian-
Jacques BrelVoirFrench → Serbian-
Jacques BrelLe diable (Ça va)French → Serbian-
Guillaume ApollinaireLes sapinsFrench → German-
EnyaAnywhere IsEnglish → French-
Alessia CaraFour Pink WallsEnglish → French-
Lara FabianSi tu m'aimesFrench → Arabic-
Kendji GiracElle m'a aiméFrench → Arabic-
Keny ArkanaNe t'inquiete pasFrench → Turkish-
Édith PiafFaut pas qu'il se figureFrench → Italian-
DalidaDes gens qu'on aimerait connaîtreFrench → Italian-
Hercules (OST)Ieri Era Zero [Zero to Hero]Italian → French-
Ivan LinsDeixa eu dizerPortuguese → French-
JordyDur dur d'être bébé !French → Portuguese-
Maître GimsOù Est Ton ArmeFrench → German-
Guillaume ApollinaireAnnieFrench → Dutch-
Édith PiafJezebelFrench → Italian-
Édith PiafJezebelFrench → Italian-
Casseurs FlowtersOrel a un synthéFrench → English-
Hercules (OST)Dil 7a2i2a ya nas III (III دي الحقيقه يا ناس) [The Gospel Truth III]Arabic (other varieties) → French-
Guillaume ApollinaireZoneFrench → Spanish-
Guillaume ApollinaireNuit rhénaneFrench → Spanish-
Guillaume ApollinaireLa LoreleyFrench → Spanish-
Guillaume ApollinaireAnnieFrench → Spanish-
Guillaume ApollinaireMarizibillFrench → Spanish-
Florent PagnySavoir AimerFrench → Latvian-
Diego TorressueñosSpanish → French-
Florent PagnyTe jeter des fleursFrench → Latvian-
Têtes raidesModeratoFrench → Spanish-
Hercules (OST)Dil 7a2i2a ya nas II (II دي الحقيقه يا ناس) [The Gospel Truth II]Arabic (other varieties) → French-
Obrint PasMentidesCatalan → French-
Le Bal des VampiresQuand l'amour est en toiFrench → English1
Derya UluğOkyanusTurkish → French-
Joe DassinÀ toiFrench → Arabic-
Flowing TearsSerpentineEnglish → French-
Umberto TozziPetite Marie (Stella D’amore)French → Spanish-
David ZáizarMi TerruñoSpanish → French-
JulMon BijouFrench → Spanish-