Translations from and to French

Á GeigsgötumÁ GeigsgötumIcelandic → French-
BarbaraLa MortFrench → Italian-
The Mamas and The PapasCalifornia Dreamin'English → French-
Cook da BooksYour EyesEnglish → French1
Bernard LavilliersOn the road againFrench → English7
TestamentReturn to SerenityEnglish → French-
ViikateUnholan urutFinnish → French-
Francis CabrelLa robe et l'échelleFrench → German-
DalidaPour en arriver laFrench → German-
Maxime Le ForestierComme un ArbreFrench → English-
Gilbert BécaudC'est rn septembreFrench → English1
Gilbert BécaudC'est rn septembreFrench → English-
StromaePapaoutaiFrench → Turkish-
Neil YoungThere's A WorldEnglish → French-
L. ( Raphaële Lannadère )JalouseFrench → Spanish-
In-GridIn-TangoFrench → English-
SuperbusTu RespiresFrench → English-
L. ( Raphaële Lannadère )JalouseFrench → English-
L. ( Raphaële Lannadère )Mon frèreFrench → English4
L. ( Raphaële Lannadère )Château RougeFrench → English-
IndochineAlice Dans La LuneFrench → English-
Georges BrassensDans l'eau de la claire fontaineFrench → English-
Neil YoungHarvestEnglish → French-
Neil YoungA Man Needs A MaidEnglish → French-
LaFeeLieber GottGerman → French-
Roupa NovaSapato VelhoPortuguese → French-
StromaeTous les MêmesFrench → English-
Willie NelsonThe City of New OrleansEnglish → French1
StromaeTa fêteFrench → Russian-
Roupa NovaTímidaPortuguese → French-
Edith PiafSous le ciel de ParisFrench → Ukrainian-
BarbaraAmours IncestueusesFrench → Italian-
BarbaraDis quand reviendras-tuFrench → Italian-
BarbaraLa solitudeFrench → Italian-
Alain SouchonLes saisonsFrench → English-
Worship SongsVeni, Veni EmmanuelLatin → French-
25/17Только для своихRussian → French-
Chopstick Brothers小苹果Chinese → French-
25/17ЗвездаRussian → French-
Edith PiafNe M'Écris PasFrench → Croatian-
Edith PiafChanson BleueFrench → Croatian-
SpleanОрбит без сахараRussian → French-
Rodrigo AmaranteMon nomFrench → Portuguese-
Bob DylanArthur McBrideEnglish → French-
Grégory LemarchalJe rêveFrench → Russian-
ArisaL'inventario di un amoreItalian → French-
DalidaIl Venait D'avoir 18 AnsFrench → Persian-
Suprême NTMLa FièvreFrench → English1
Kylie MinogueThe OneEnglish → French-
Coheed and CambriaThe AftermanEnglish → French-
Leona LewisTroubleEnglish → French-
Á GeigsgötumNiðurIcelandic → French-
Colbie CaillatTryEnglish → French-
Anna GermanДалёк тот деньRussian → French1
Anna GermanАкварельRussian → French1
KyoOn Se Tourne AutourFrench → Finnish-
Anna GermanБерёзаRussian → French1
Hannes WaderUnglück vor mirGerman → French2
Les Négresses VertesVoilà L'étéFrench → English-
In-GridTu es foutuFrench → Bulgarian-
JeniferJe DanseFrench → Italian-
Liza MonetMy Best PlanFrench → Portuguese-
Katharine McPheeTerrifiedEnglish → French-
Rina KettyNuits sans toiFrench → Italian1
SopranoHiroFrench → Greek-
VitaaMa SoeurFrench → Arabic2
Melek RojhatKîne em ?Kurdish (Kurmanji) → French-
maNgaPartiTurkish → French-
Mélanie PainAilleursFrench → English-
Keren AnnJardin d'hiverFrench → English-
Keren AnnReste-làFrench → English-
Keren AnnLa forme et le fondFrench → English2
LuceManger Du SableFrench → English-
LuceL'été NoirFrench → English-
HypnoloveWinter in the SunEnglish → French-
Beau DommageTout simplement jalouxFrench → Spanish-
Elli MedeirosToi Mon ToitFrench → English4
StromaeQuand c'est?French → Italian-
ArisaLa Cosa Più ImportanteItalian → French-
MadredeusSuave TristezaPortuguese → French-
ChatLes Ames SoeursFrench → English-
ChatAliceFrench → English-
Lara FabianJe t'aimeFrench → Vietnamese-
Ariane MoffattBriser un coeurFrench → English-
Mireille MathieuPour un coeur sans amourFrench → English-
Mireille MathieuEnsembleFrench → English-
Mireille MathieuD'autres FaconsFrench → English-
Mireille MathieuJe t'aime avec ma peauFrench → English-
Edith PiafAvec Ce SoleilFrench → Croatian-
Edith PiafAvant NousFrench → Croatian-
RenaudDeuxième GénérationFrench → English-
Mireille MathieuJe t'aime avec ma peauFrench → German-
ArisaLentamente (Il primo che passa)Italian → French-
Philippe ChatelJ't'aime bien LiliFrench → English2
Jean-Jacques GoldmanLa pluieFrench → English-
Disney SoundtrackArabian Nights (Arabic)Arabic → French-
AC/DCThunderstruck English → French-
VitaaA Fleur De ToiFrench → Greek-
Hannes WaderSchon morgenGerman → French-
Maitre GimsGame Over (Fin de partie)French → Greek-