Translations from and to French

Floricienta ¿Qué esconde el conde?Spanish → French-
FloricientaCorazones al viento Spanish → French-
Charles BaudelaireUne CharogneFrench → Greek-
SarekPärlorna i MörkretSwedish → French-
Marco MengoniIo ti aspettoItalian → French-
Charles BaudelaireLe Serpent Qui DanseFrench → English-
Charles BaudelaireLe Serpent Qui DanseFrench → Greek-
Anna GermanIl cavallo biancoItalian → French-
Mylène FarmerDernier SourireFrench → Arabic-
Florent PagnyVieillir avec toiFrench → Bulgarian-
Children's SongsFrère JacquesFrench → Italian-
Mario LanzaFenesta che luciveNeapolitan → French-
Lana Del ReyRide (Video intro / outro dialogue) lyricsEnglish → French-
ShaggyHabibi (I need your love)English → French-
In-GridIn-TangoFrench → Spanish-
La Légende du roi ArthurIl est tempsFrench → German-
RihannaTe amoEnglish → French-
Jul (Saint Jean La Puenta)Je peux pasFrench → English1
Louis BertignacCes idées-làFrench → English-
James TaylorUp on the roofEnglish → French2
Louis BertignacCes idées-làFrench → English1
Lady GagaNo FloodsEnglish → French-
Gwen StefaniWhat You Waiting For?English → French-
Antti TuiskuKeinutaanFinnish → French-
Plastic BertrandCa Plane Pour MoiFrench → German-
FloricientaUn enorme dragónSpanish → French-
HIMSerpent RideEnglish → French-
FloricientaHay un cuentoSpanish → French-
Daniela MercurySó Pra te MostrarPortuguese → French1
TaiguaraEm algum lugar do mundoPortuguese → French-
MaybeshewillNot For Want Of TryingEnglish → French-
EnyaIsobellaGaelic (Irish Gaelic) → French-
EnyaFallen EmbersEnglish → French-
Jorge VerciloQuando a noite chegarPortuguese → French-
Milton NascimentoMilagre dos peixesPortuguese → French-
La Légende du roi ArthurQuelque chose de magiqueFrench → Spanish-
Le Poème HarmoniqueLa fille au Roi LouisFrench → Ukrainian-
Maître GimsEst-ce que tu m'aimesFrench → Spanish-
Fernando PessoaMar portuguésPortuguese → French-
RockwellSomebody's Watching MeEnglish → French-
Jul (Saint Jean La Puenta)Je peux pasFrench → Spanish-
Don OmarVirtual DivaSpanish → French-
Roch VoisineUn frère, un amiFrench → English-
Fernando PessoaUnsPortuguese → French-
Louise AttaqueJ't'emmène au ventFrench → Romanian-
Kratae-Kratay R-Siamอย่างนี้ต้องตีเข่าThai → French-
TarmacNotre époqueFrench → Romanian-
Georges BrassensLes sabots d'HeleneFrench → Spanish-
Against The CurrentBrighterEnglish → French-
George ThorogoodOne Bourbon, One Scotch, One BeerEnglish → French-
Kendji GiracColor GitanoFrench → German-
MalúAmigoSpanish → French2
Troye SivanShe's 22English → French-
Gaëtan RousselDis-moi Encore Que Tu M'aimesFrench → Romanian-
Troye SivanFunEnglish → French-
OmegaTizenhat évesenHungarian → French-
EurielleHate MeEnglish → French-
OmegaPetróleum lámpaHungarian → French-
EurielleYou SaidEnglish → French-
RIDSAOn s'est perduFrench → Spanish-
EurielleCarry MeEnglish → French-
EurielleLament For ThorinEnglish → French-
Lara FabianMon DésirFrench → Italian-
Ivan LinsAntes que seja tardePortuguese → French-
Jorge VerciloClaraPortuguese → French-
And OneDeutschmaschineGerman → French-
Black MPour oublierFrench → Spanish-
Jul (Saint Jean La Puenta)Seul au mondeFrench → Spanish-
Jean FerratL’amour est ceriseFrench → Romanian-
Jul (Saint Jean La Puenta)Seul au mondeFrench → English-
DasoulÉl No Te DaSpanish → French-
AsonanceČarodějnice z AmesburyCzech → French-
Kendji GiracJe M´abandonneFrench → Arabic-
ALYSPr☆messeFrench → Finnish-
James BayBest Fake SmileEnglish → French-
Yoann FrégetSauras tu m'aimerFrench → English-
DJ SnakeYou Know You Like ItEnglish → French-
Enrique IglesiasTes Larmes Sont Mes BaisersFrench → Latvian-
Enrique IglesiasLaisse le Destin l'EmporterFrench → Latvian-
Jules MassenetPourquoi me réveiller?French → Turkish-
Jean FerratL’amour est ceriseFrench → Italian-
Erik SatieJe te veuxFrench → Turkish-
David GilmourJe Crois Entendre EncoreFrench → Romanian-
StromaePapaoutaiFrench → Polish-
Demis RoussosQuand je t'aimeFrench → Turkish-
Franco CorelliSalut, demeure chaste et pureFrench → Turkish-
AnathemaParisienne MoonlightEnglish → French-
AnathemaAngels walk among usEnglish → French-
MalúComo una florSpanish → French-
MalúNi un segundoSpanish → French-
Thee UlfÖverbyvalsSwedish → French-
Rainbow SongsEverlasting LoveEnglish → French-
Marie LaforêtMon amour, mon amiFrench → Hungarian-
IndochineUn jour dans notre vieFrench → English-
Louise AttaqueVous avez l'heure ?French → Finnish-
Charles BaudelaireÀ Celle Qui Est Trop GaieFrench → Greek-
CarrouselTandemFrench → Finnish-
Jacques BrelLa mortFrench → German-
Jul (Saint Jean La Puenta)LadyFrench → English-
Ehsan Khaje AmiriTanhaei - تنهاييPersian → French1