Translations from and to French

Jocelyne JocyaPar Ce CriFrench → Russian-
Michèle TorrUne petite FrançaiseFrench → Russian-
Isabel PantojaEres una mentiraSpanish → French-
Moana (OST)Maui's HakaMaori → French-
Rino GaetanoMio fratello è figlio unicoItalian → French-
Moana (OST)Saber Volver [We Know The Way] (Latin America Spanish Version)Spanish → French-
Moana (OST)Quién Eres [Know Who You Are] (Latin America Spanish Version)Spanish → French-
Moana (OST)Yo soy Moana (Canto ancestral) [I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)] (Latin America Spanish Version)Spanish → French-
Moana (OST)How far I'll goEnglish → French-
Céline DionOrdinaireFrench → Portuguese-
RenaudEn cloqueFrench → Italian-
Henri MichauxNausée ou c'est la mort qui vient ?French → Portuguese2
Henri MichauxMagieFrench → Portuguese-
Henri MichauxPersécutionFrench → Portuguese-
Henri MichauxUne vie de chienFrench → Portuguese-
Henri MichauxUn chiffonFrench → Portuguese-
RaubtierHjärteblodSwedish → French-
RaubtierInnan Löven FallerSwedish → French-
Teske de SchepperRewrittenEnglish → French-
RaubtierLåt napalmen regnaSwedish → French-
Lara FabianL'Hymne à l'amourFrench → Persian-
RaubtierSkjut, Gräv, TigSwedish → French-
CaliJe sais ta vieFrench → English-
Frédérik MeySouviens-toi, ÉtienneFrench → Polish-
Melanie SafkaRuby TuesdayEnglish → French-
National AnthemsFrench National Anthem - La MarseillaiseFrench → Serbian-
Fifth HarmonyWork From HomeEnglish → French-
Édith PiafHymne à l'amourFrench → Persian-
Mia MartinaToi et Moi (Go Crazy)French → Russian-
Gitte HænningL'amour c'est toi (Liebe zu dir)French → Russian-
TalMoi, je parleFrench → English-
Lara FabianTon désirFrench → English-
Sanna NielsenTill en fågelSwedish → French-
Julio SosaEl último caféSpanish → French-
La Légende du Roi Arthur (Musical)À nos voeux sacrésFrench → English-
Michel SardouJe vais t'aimerFrench → Japanese-
Vienna TengThe Atheist Christmas CarolEnglish → French-
Mireille MathieuSous Le Ciel De ParisFrench → English-
Mireille MathieuSous Le Ciel De ParisFrench → Ukrainian2
ZuccheroUn piccolo aiuto (Un petit coup de main)French → Spanish-
DalidaL'an 2005French → English1
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (OST)La cour des miracles (European French) [The Court of Miracles]French → English-
Arthur HigelinEst-ce que tu aimes ?French → English-
Hélène SégaraSempre SempreFrench → English-
Amon AmarthBastards of a Lying BreedEnglish → French-
BoggieNouveau ParfumFrench → Turkish-
Steely DanPegEnglish → French-
Bee GeesLove You Inside OutEnglish → French-
Emre AydınSen Beni UnutamazsınTurkish → French-
The DeFranco FamilyHeartbeat, It's A LovebeatEnglish → French-
Oesch's die DrittenLes Cloches de ma ValleeFrench → English-
Daniel BalavoineAimer est plus fort que d'être aimerFrench → English-
Kings of LeonArizonaEnglish → French-
Maître GimsJe te pardonneFrench → Russian-
The Birthday MassacreAlibisEnglish → French-
The Avett BrothersLive and DieEnglish → French-
The WantedDaggerEnglish → French-
Florent MotheDanser sous la pluieFrench → English-
Florent MotheSe serrer la mainFrench → English-
Black Veil BridesHeart Of FireEnglish → French-
Bob DylanTangled up in blueEnglish → French4
The KillersAll These Things That I've DoneEnglish → French-
Aya Matsuuraね~え?Japanese → French-
Lenny KuhrLe TroubadourFrench → Russian-
Moana (OST)L'Explorateur [We Know The Way]French → Swedish-
Savage GardenA Thousand WordsEnglish → French-
The ChainsmokersSetting FiresEnglish → French-
Jesús QuinteroSi Cristo volviera...Spanish → French5
GazeboI Like ChopinEnglish → French-
Bojana StamenovLe monde est à moiFrench → Russian-
ZahoJe te prometsFrench → English-
Amon AmarthNorth Sea StormEnglish → French-
Lara FabianLe roi est une femmeFrench → English-
Lara FabianLe roi est une femmeFrench → English1
Léa CastelAbîméeFrench → English-
Julien DoréLaisse AvrilFrench → English-
Evelina (Finland)FuulaaFinnish → French-
Moana (OST)We Know The WayEnglish → French-
The Rolling StonesPaint It, BlackEnglish → French-
RoseLa listeFrench → Turkish-
City and ColourWe Found Each Other In The DarkEnglish → French-
John MayerSlow Dancing In A Burning RoomEnglish → French-
Lara FabianJ'ai 12 ansFrench → English-
Deep PurpleBlindEnglish → French-
Lara FabianHymne à l'amourFrench → English-
QueenIn Only Seven DaysEnglish → French-
StaindIt's Been A WhileEnglish → French-
Lara FabianMon DésirFrench → English-
Lara FabianJe vivraiFrench → English-
Lara FabianSi tu m'aimesFrench → English-
Julio SosaPor el camino adelanteSpanish → French-
Lara FabianSoleil SoleilFrench → English-
Lara FabianAlléluiaFrench → English-
Edward MayaMy Song Is LoveEnglish → French-
Lara FabianIl existe un endroitFrench → English-
Doris DayA Sentimental JourneyEnglish → French1
Jahmene DouglasImagineEnglish → French-
Emeli SandéImagineEnglish → French-
Avril LavigneImagineEnglish → French-
David BowieImagineEnglish → French-