Translations from and to French

HypnoloveWinter in the SunEnglish → French-
Beau DommageTout simplement jalouxFrench → Spanish-
Elli MedeirosToi Mon ToitFrench → English2
StromaeQuand c'est?French → Italian-
ArisaLa Cosa Più ImportanteItalian → French-
MadredeusSuave TristezaPortuguese → French-
ChatLes Ames SoeursFrench → English-
ChatAliceFrench → English-
Lara FabianJe t'aimeFrench → Vietnamese-
Ariane MoffattBriser un coeurFrench → English-
Mireille MathieuPour un coeur sans amourFrench → English-
Mireille MathieuEnsembleFrench → English-
Mireille MathieuD'autres FaconsFrench → English-
Mireille MathieuJe t'aime avec ma peauFrench → English-
Edith PiafAvec Ce SoleilFrench → Croatian-
Edith PiafAvant NousFrench → Croatian-
RenaudDeuxième GénérationFrench → English-
Mireille MathieuJe t'aime avec ma peauFrench → German-
ArisaLentamente (Il primo che passa)Italian → French-
Philippe ChatelJ't'aime bien LiliFrench → English2
Jean-Jacques GoldmanLa pluieFrench → English-
Disney SoundtrackArabian Nights (Arabic)Arabic → French-
AC/DCThunderstruck English → French-
VitaaA Fleur De ToiFrench → Greek-
Hannes WaderSchon morgenGerman → French-
Maitre GimsGame Over (Fin de partie)French → Greek-
The HolliesCarrie AnneEnglish → French-
Max ColpetSag mir, wo die Blumen sindGerman → French-
Maitre GimsBellaFrench → Greek-
Laura PausiniJe ChanteFrench → English2
Michel PolnareffQui a tué grand maman ?French → English4
Tudor GheorgheMândră, te-am cătat cu dragRomanian → French-
Maitre GimsZombieFrench → Greek-
Elli MedeirosToi Mon ToitFrench → Spanish-
Jean-Jacques GoldmanEncore un matinFrench → English-
Mike OldfieldNorth PointEnglish → French-
Mike OldfieldDiscoveryEnglish → French-
Isabelle BoulaySans toiFrench → Greek-
Hélène SégaraEncore une foisFrench → Greek-
GarouDu Vent Des MotsFrench → English-
Delphine VolangeSirènesFrench → English-
Sofia VossouDen m agapas (Δεν μ'αγαπάς)Greek → French-
Sakis RouvasTa trela mas oneira (Τα τρελά μας όνειρα)Greek → French-
AntiqueΘα πέθαινα για σέναGreek → French-
Edith PiafAvant l'HeureFrench → Croatian-
Edith PiafÀ l'Enseigne de la Fille sans CœurFrench → Croatian-
Ekeinos & EkeinosDe Thymasai (Δε Θυμάσαι)Greek → French-
Mike OldfieldFlying StartEnglish → French-
Salvatore AdamoComme toujoursFrench → Ukrainian-
Hannes WaderDas Meer ist tiefGerman → French-
Faith HillYou Can't Lose MeEnglish → French-
Elsa LunghiniT'en va pasFrench → Spanish-
Mike OldfieldHeaven´s OpenEnglish → French-
Mike OldfieldThe Time Has ComeEnglish → French-
Mike OldfieldTo Be FreeEnglish → French-
Mike OldfieldCrisesEnglish → French-
Mike OldfieldNuclearEnglish → French-
DalidaC'est mieux comme caFrench → Greek-
DalidaLe jour où la pluie viendraFrench → Greek-
RammsteinZerstörenGerman → French-
Eleni VitaliBalamos (Ο μπαλαμός, το τραγούδι των γύφτων)Greek → French-
Giorgos KatsarisΤο Τραγούδι Των Γύφτων (Ο Μπαλαμός) O BalamosGreek → French3
OneRepublicAll We AreEnglish → French-
Jean-Jacques GoldmanC'est Pas VraiFrench → English-
Dimitra GalaniΑγάπη αγάπη Greek → French-
Paris ComboAttractionFrench → English-
Dimitra GalaniΔυο μέρες μόνο - Dyo meres monoGreek → French-
Dimitra GalaniANGreek → French-
Jean-Jacques GoldmanLes ChosesFrench → English-
Mike OldfieldMan in the RainEnglish → French-
Edith PiafC'est l'AmourFrench → Hungarian-
Hannes WaderBlick zurückGerman → French-
Mike OldfieldMagic TouchEnglish → French-
Georges BrassensMaman, PapaFrench → English1
Charlélie CoutureComme un avion sans aileFrench → English6
BerksanDumanTurkish → French-
Johnny HallydayMarieFrench → English-
Maria TănaseDoina din DoljFrench → Croatian-
Maria TănaseMalédiction d'AmourFrench → Croatian-
IndilaTourner Dans Le VideFrench → Serbian-
Keny ArkanaNature SauvageFrench → Spanish-
Don JuanL'amour est plus fortFrench → Italian-
David GuettaShot me downEnglish → French-
La Patère RoseBackyard SouvenirFrench → English-
DvicioParaísoSpanish → French-
Olsen brothers Fly on the wings of loveEnglish → French-
Skid Row18 And LifeEnglish → French-
Icona PopGet LostEnglish → French2
CenturyLover WhyEnglish → French-
Robert CharleboisJe reviendrai à MontréalFrench → English-
ChatLe CoeurFrench → English-
AnaïsQui C'est La Fille Sur La PhotoFrench → German-
Mansfield TyaAu loinFrench → English-
Marie-MaiJamais trop tardFrench → Spanish-
Melek RojhatBê te nabeKurdish (Kurmanji) → French-
The Boxer RebellionNo HarmEnglish → French-
Micah P. HinsonI Still RememberEnglish → French1
Louis Delort & The SheperdsJe suis làFrench → Greek-
TalLe passéFrench → Greek-
YelleJe veux te voirFrench → English-