Translations from and to French

Fela KutiSorrow, Tears and BloodEnglish → French-
PlaygroupMake It HappenEnglish → French-
RBDSálvameSpanish → French-
Thomas GodojMeine Welt ist es nichtGerman → French-
Thomas GodojMein letztes HemdGerman → French-
Dolores GrayRahadlakumEnglish → French-
Thomas GodojMänner sind soGerman → French1
Real ChantyLollipopFrench → English-
Thomas GodojLove Is YouEnglish → French-
Thomas GodojLegendensommerGerman → French-
Jack WhiteLazarettoEnglish → French-
Booker TGreen OnionsEnglish → French-
RigheiraVamos a la playaSpanish → French-
W. H. AudenThe Unknown CitizenEnglish → French-
Les Rita MitsoukoLa sorcière et l'inquisiteurFrench → English-
Gordon LightfootThe Last Time I Saw HerEnglish → French7
Gordon LightfootThe First TimeEnglish → French-
Bomfunk MC'sFreestylerEnglish → French-
Charlie Brown Jr.Só os loucos sabemPortuguese → French-
Charlie Brown Jr.Senhor do TempoPortuguese → French1
Alain BashungRésidents de la républiqueFrench → English-
Sev-oneWarEnglish → French2
TalLe passéFrench → Hungarian-
Howard JonesLike To Get To Know You WellEnglish → French1
The ScriptNo good in goodbyeEnglish → French-
Edith PiafChanson de CatherineFrench → Croatian-
The ScriptNever Seen Anything Quite Like YouEnglish → French-
Edith PiafChand d'HabitsFrench → Croatian-
Edith PiafCelui Qui Ne Savait Pas PleurerFrench → Croatian-
LescopLa ForêtFrench → English-
Mylène FarmerLes MotsFrench → Croatian-
Thomas GodojIt's BeautifulEnglish → French-
Mylène FarmerPardonne-moiFrench → Croatian-
Lara FabianJe t'aimeFrench → Serbian-
Thomas GodojIch fang den Regen aufGerman → French-
Thomas GodojI Don't Feel The SameEnglish → French-
Thomas GodojHerzblutGerman → French-
Thomas GodojHelden gesuchtGerman → French-
Thomas GodojGefesseltes HerzGerman → French-
Thomas GodojEinfach nur andersGerman → French-
Thomas GodojEinen Regen langGerman → French-
Thomas GodojEin Tag im Leben eines AndernGerman → French-
The ScriptI'm YoursEnglish → French-
Thomas GodojDächer einer ganzen Stadt German → French-
Thomas GodojBrandnew StartEnglish → French-
Thomas GodojAutopilotGerman → French-
Thomas GodojAlone AgainEnglish → French-
Thomas GodojAlles was nicht existiertGerman → French-
Thomas GodojAbschließen könnenGerman → French-
MGMTYour Life Is A LieEnglish → French-
MGMTKidsEnglish → French-
Carrie UnderwoodLast nameEnglish → French-
StromaeDodoFrench → Dutch-
Udo JürgensVerloren in mirGerman → French-
JuliZerrissenGerman → French-
JuliWoanders zu HauseGerman → French-
JuliWir beideGerman → French-
JuliWer von euchGerman → French-
JuliWenn du mich lässtGerman → French-
JuliWenn du lachstGerman → French-
JuliTränenschwerGerman → French-
JuliTage wie dieserGerman → French-
JuliSüchtigGerman → French-
JuliSterneGerman → French-
japanQuiet LifeEnglish → French1
La Belle BleueMorceaux De PapierFrench → English-
QueensrycheQueen Of The ReichEnglish → French-
Orietta BertiStasera ti dico di noItalian → French4
Purity RingObedearEnglish → French-
Kanye WestFlashing lightsEnglish → French-
Jesús QuinteroLa definición del amorSpanish → French1
Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic ThreeRequest LineEnglish → French2
Edith PiafC'est l'AmourFrench → Italian-
La ChatteRienFrench → English-
Teddy PendergrassLove TKOEnglish → French1
Ed SheeranAfire LoveEnglish → French-
Louis Delort & The SheperdsEphémèreFrench → English-
Fauve ≠Vieux FrèresFrench → English-
Louis Delort & The SheperdsM'appelle pas chériFrench → English-
Louis DelortTomber dans ses yeuxFrench → English-
MarizaFado TordoPortuguese → French-
Ed SheeranTenerife SeaEnglish → French-
Ed SheeranPhotographEnglish → French-
The ScriptPaint The Town GreenEnglish → French-
ABCHow To Be A MillionaireEnglish → French3
JuliSo fest ich kannGerman → French-
JuliSeenotGerman → French-
The BeatlesGood Day SunshineEnglish → French-
JuliRegen und MeerGerman → French-
JuliNovemberGerman → French-
Amy WinehouseCherryEnglish → French-
DumanSenden Daha GüzelTurkish → French-
JuliMit verbundenen AugenGerman → French-
JuliMaschinenGerman → French-
JuliKurz vor der SonneGerman → French-
JuliJessicaGerman → French-
JuliInselGerman → French-
Children's SongsMary Had a Little LambEnglish → French-
JuliImmer wenn es dunkel wirdGerman → French-
Frankie Goes To HollywoodRelaxEnglish → French-