Translations from and to French

Kendji GiracOne Last Time (Attends-moi)French → Macedonian-
Led ZeppelinSince I've Been Loving YouEnglish → French-
Black SabbathEvil WomanEnglish → French-
Black SabbathChangesEnglish → French-
Pink FloydKeep TalkingEnglish → French-
Syd BarrettDominoesEnglish → French-
Arthur RimbaudGénieFrench → English-
Chimène BadiEntre NousFrench → Hungarian-
George BacoviaLacustrăRomanian → French-
JuanesLa PagaSpanish → French-
Rudyard KiplingIfEnglish → French-
Tino RossiJ'attendraiFrench → Croatian-
Édith PiafY'En A un de TropFrench → Croatian-
İrem DericiAşk Eşittir BizTurkish → French-
Yuriy RybchinskyБелая воронаRussian → French2
Lucio DallacaraItalian → French-
Céline DionThe Power Of The DreamEnglish → French1
Georges MoustakiLe facteurFrench → Turkish-
Shy'mIl Faut VivreFrench → Latvian-
Fernando Pessoa35 – O guardador de rebanhosPortuguese → French-
Fernando Pessoa34 – O guardador de rebanhosPortuguese → French-
Vinicius de MoraesO velho e a florPortuguese → French-
Céline DionTous les secretsFrench → Portuguese-
Gloria EstefanCuba libreSpanish → French-
The ThermalsPillar Of SaltEnglish → French-
Christophe MaéManonFrench → English-
Fernando Pessoa33 - O guardador de rebanhosPortuguese → French-
Luis Alberto SpinettaY tu amor es una vieja medallaSpanish → French-
CalogeroLe PortraitFrench → Polish-
Maître GimsBriséFrench → Arabic-
Marujita DíazLa Virgen de la MacarenaSpanish → French-
YoussouphaDreaminFrench → Turkish2
Salvatore AdamoBallade à la pluieFrench → Russian-
RoyaLieEnglish → French-
Luis Alberto SpinettaLa aventura de la abeja reinaSpanish → French-
İbrahim TatlısesMavi MaviTurkish → French-
Luis Alberto SpinettaQuedándote o YéndoteSpanish → French-
Tiken Jah FakolyOuvrez Les FrontièresFrench → English-
BénabarParis by NightFrench → Romanian-
Luis Alberto SpinettaVacío SideralSpanish → French-
Leny EscuderoVivre pour des idéesFrench → Spanish1
HurtsKaleidoscopeEnglish → French-
İclal AydınHastane önünde incir ağacıTurkish → French-
Judy SmallMontreal, December '89English → French-
Fernando Pessoa32 – O guardador de rebanhosPortuguese → French-
Selena GomezSame Old LoveEnglish → French-
Laura PausiniJe ChanteFrench → Spanish-
Sarah RianiL'étrangerFrench → Dutch-
Emmanuel MoireAdulte et SexyFrench → Latvian-
Fernando Pessoa31 – O guardador de rebanhosPortuguese → French-
Fernando Pessoa30 – O guardador de rebanhosPortuguese → French-
Fernando Pessoa29 – O guardador de rebanhosPortuguese → French-
MédineGaza Soccer BeachFrench → English-
Fernando Pessoa28 – O guardador de rebanhosPortuguese → French-
What's Eating GilbertFrom the startEnglish → French-
William Butler YeatsWhen You Are OldEnglish → French-
HurtsNothing Will Be Bigger Than UsEnglish → French-
National AnthemsCanadian National Anthem - Ô Canada [French version]French → Greek-
Fernando Pessoa27 – O guardador de rebanhosPortuguese → French-
Fernando Pessoa26 – O guardador de rebanhosPortuguese → French-
She Wants RevengeTear You ApartEnglish → French-
Fernando Pessoa25 – O guardador de rebanhosPortuguese → French-
Fernando Pessoa24 – O guardador de rebanhosPortuguese → French-
Fréro DelavegaSweet DarlingFrench → Spanish-
ALYSDans mon mondeFrench → Romanian-
CalogeroLe Monde ModerneFrench → Romanian-
Alla PugachevaСвятая ложьRussian → French-
André GrétryRichard Cœur de Lion (chanson)French → Romanian-
Louane EmeraNos SecretsFrench → English-
Luis Alberto SpinettaCantata de Puentes AmarillosSpanish → French-
Maître GimsTu vas me manquerFrench → Spanish-
Enrico MaciasLa LavandeFrench → Romanian-
İsmail YKÖzlüyorum ben seniTurkish → French-
İrem DericiZorun Ne SevgilimTurkish → French-
İrem DericiDeğmezsin AğlamayaTurkish → French-
La Grande SophieQuand Le Mois D'AvrilFrench → English-
PassiFace à la merFrench → Greek-
EnyaEchoes In RainEnglish → French2
Maître GimsChangerFrench → German-
Pink FloydOne Of These DaysEnglish → French-
Sonata ArcticaI Have a RightEnglish → French-
Eddie VedderSleeping by MyselfEnglish → French-
Ionel TudorachePortofele, portofeleRomanian → French-
Pink FloydStopEnglish → French-
Pink FloydYet Another MovieEnglish → French-
Céline DionJe T'aime EncoreFrench → Arabic-
Pink FloydYoung LustEnglish → French-
Pink FloydFlamingEnglish → French-
Pink FloydGet Your Filthy Hands Off My DesertEnglish → French-
Pink FloydEmbryoEnglish → French-
Pink FloydFearlessEnglish → French-
Boris VianLe DéserteurFrench → Ukrainian1
ParadisGarde-le pour toiFrench → English-
ZAZCes petit riensFrench → Spanish-
The GirlsWhere Wolves DrinkEnglish → French1
SubsonicaAli scureItalian → French-
Demi LovatoStone ColdEnglish → French-
Children's SongsTwinkle Twinkle Little StarEnglish → French-
Maître GimsSapés comme jamais (Pilule Bleue)French → English2
Maître GimsBriséFrench → Spanish-