Translations from and to French

Lynda LemayLa visiteFrench → Finnish-
Andrew Lloyd WebberDas Phantom der OperGerman → French-
Martina StoesselTu resplandorSpanish → French-
Once More, With FeelingDonne-moi une vie (Something to Sing About)French → English-
Alexandra StanEcouteFrench → Romanian-
The Hungry HeartsLaikaEnglish → French-
Rosanna FratelloSono una donna, non sono una santaItalian → French-
Alex SirventBajemos la guardiaSpanish → French-
Soy Luna (OST)Mírame a míSpanish → French-
Fall Out BoyThe mighty fallEnglish → French-
Tinie TempahGirls likeEnglish → French-
ViolettaCómo quieresSpanish → French1
ViolettaCódigo amistadSpanish → French1
Tom OdellI Thought I Knew What Love WasEnglish → French-
Tom OdellEntertainmentEnglish → French-
İlkay AkkayaSustumTurkish → French-
Miley CyrusWrecking BallEnglish → French-
Shin SekaiLaisse çaFrench → English-
RadioheadClimbing Up The WallsEnglish → French-
RadioheadBackdrifts. (Honeymoon Is Over.)English → French-
The StavesMake It HolyEnglish → French-
RadioheadA Punchup at a Wedding. (No no no no no no no no.)English → French-
Gilles ServatLa Blanche HermineFrench → Spanish-
The StavesMexicoEnglish → French-
Radiohead2+2=5 (The Lukewarm.)English → French-
Radiohead15 StepEnglish → French-
RuPaulCover Girl (Put The Bass In Your Walk)English → French-
Céline DionEncore un soirFrench → English-
Radiohead(Nice Dream)English → French-
The Kays LavelleThe HoursEnglish → French-
MHDAminaFrench → English-
Children's SongsÀ la voletteFrench → Russian-
Children's Songs1, 2, 3, trois petits chatsFrench → Russian-
Lââmjamais loin de toiFrench → Persian-
Martina StoesselLucha por tu sueñosSpanish → French1
RadioheadA Wolf At The Door. (It Girl. Rag Doll.)English → French-
SilentRebel83Comptine d'un autre étéFrench → Maori-
SilentRebel83Comptine d'un autre étéFrench → Hawaiian-
The PoliceCan't Stand Losing YouEnglish → French-
Jimi HendrixRed HouseEnglish → French-
RadioheadMotion Picture SoundtrackEnglish → French-
RadioheadMyxomatosis. (Judge, Jury & Executioner.)English → French-
AlizéeJ'ai pas vingt ansFrench → Persian-
EmperorThe Burning Shadows of SilenceEnglish → French-
John LegendAll of meEnglish → French-
Worship SongsCelebrate Jesus, celebrateEnglish → French-
Adrian PăunescuTelefon Peste MoarteRomanian → French-
Once More, With FeelingTengo Emociones (Going Through the Motions)Spanish → French-
Hayley WestenraDark WaltzEnglish → French-
Die LochisLieblingsliedGerman → French-
Notre-Dame de Paris (French Cast)Danse mon EsmeraldaFrench → Arabic-
Richard AnthonyJ’entends siffler le trainFrench → German-
Richard AnthonyJ’entends siffler le trainFrench → Spanish-
Marco MengoniRicorderai l'amoreItalian → French-
Tom OdellSomehowEnglish → French-
David Bowie'Tis A Pity She Was A WhoreEnglish → French-
SılaAnahtarlarTurkish → French-
BarbaraQuand reviendras tuFrench → Spanish-
OneRepublicWherever I GoEnglish → French-
Marco MengoniNemmeno un grammoItalian → French-
SuperbusRunFrench → English-
FleurieHurts Like HellEnglish → French-
James BayLet it goEnglish → French-
Clémentine CoppolaniCiucciarellaCorsican → French-
Édith PiafMonsieur XFrench → English-
Taylor SwiftBad BloodEnglish → French-
Smokey MeydanQui pourrait m'aider ?French → English-
Smokey MeydanQui pourrait m'aider ?French → Greek-
AydilgeKiraz MevsimiTurkish → French-
RadioheadSail to the Moon. (Brush the Cobwebs out of the Sky.)English → French-
RadioheadScatterbrain. (As Dead As Leaves.)English → French-
Magic!RudeEnglish → French-
RadioheadThe Gloaming. (Softly Open our Mouths in the Cold.)English → French-
RadioheadThere There. (The Boney King of Nowhere.)English → French-
RadioheadWeird Fishes / ArpeggiEnglish → French-
Anne-Marie DavidLuiFrench → Vietnamese-
Dany BrillantHistoire D'un AmourFrench → Vietnamese-
Kendji GiracLa moraleFrench → Italian-
Georg TraklDuu29 – Der SpaziergangGerman → French-
Alexandra BurkeYou Broke My HeartEnglish → French-
CrookersRemedyEnglish → French-
AviciiWake Me UpEnglish → French-
Ed SheeranThinking Out LoudEnglish → French-
RuelleThis is The HuntEnglish → French-
Ellie GouldingLove Me Like You DoEnglish → French-
Hayley WestenraPrayerEnglish → French-
LaFeeDas erste MalGerman → French-
LaFeeBeweg deinen ArschGerman → French-
Maroon 5SugarEnglish → French-
Once More, With FeelingI'll Be MissisEnglish → French-
Once More, With FeelingSomething to Sing AboutEnglish → French-
Vicky LeandrosDes Amoureux Comme toiFrench → Italian2
Ghost (Sweden)Year ZeroEnglish → French-
Vicky LeandrosAprès toiFrench → Italian1
The FrayOur last DaysEnglish → French-
SilentRebel83Comptine d'un autre étéFrench → Spanish1
OneRepublicCounting StarsEnglish → French-
JamalaShlyakh Dodomu (Шлях Додому)Ukrainian → French-
SilentRebel83Comptine d'un autre étéFrench → Polish-
SilentRebel83Comptine d'un autre étéFrench → German-