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Voilà (English translation)

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Here You Go

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Listen to me, a wannabe singer
Talk about me, to your lovers, to your friends
Tell them about this girl with black eyes and a foolish dream
I, I only want to write stories that will reach you
and that's all
Here, here, here, this is who I am
Here I am, and even though I'm exposed, I'm afraid, yes
Here I am, both in the noise and the silence
Look at me, or at least at what's left of me
Look at me, before I hate myself
What can I tell you that other lips won't?
It ain't much, but all that I have, I've put it there
Here you go
Here, here, here, this is who I am
Here I am, although exposed, it's the end
It's my mouth, it's my cry, but hey, never mind
Here, here, here, here is
me, my dream, my envy, here's how I die, here's how I laugh
Here I am, both in noise and silence
Don't go, I beg you to stay for a long time
it may not save me, no
but I don't know what to do without you
Love me like one loves a friend that's gone forever
I want to be loved, because I don't know how to love my contours
Here, here, here, this is who I am
Here I am, even if I'm exposed, it's the end
Here I am, in the noise and in the fury too
Look at me, finally, look into my eyes and my hands
Everything I have is here, it's my mouth, it's my cry
Here I am, here I am, here I am
Here you go
Here you go
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Voilà is a word used when enthusiastically revealing something, presenting something, or showing something off. (



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