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برای توی کوچه رقصیدن
برای ترسیدن به وقت بوسیدن
برای خواهرم، خواهرت، خواهرامون
برای تغییر مغزها که پوسیدن
برای شرمندگی، برای بی‌پولی
برای حسرت یک زندگی معمولی
برای کودک زباله‌گرد و آرزوهاش
برای این اقتصاد دستوری
برای این هوای آلوده
برای ولیعصر و درختای فرسوده
برای پیروز و احتمال انقراضش
برای سگ‌های بی‌گناه ممنوعه
برای گریه‌های بی‌وقفه
برای تصویر تکرار این لحظه
برای چهره‌ای که می‌خنده
برای دانش‌آموزا، برای آینده
برای این بهشت اجباری
برای نخبه‌های زندانی
برای کودکان افغانی
برای این‌همه «برای» غیرتکراری
برای این‌همه شعارهای توخالی
برای آوار خونه‌های پوشالی
برای احساس آرامش
برای خورشید پس از شبای طولانی
برای قرص‌های اعصاب و بی‌خوابی
برای مرد، میهن، آبادی
برای دختری که آرزو داشت پسر بود
برای زن، زندگی، آزادی
برای آزادی
برای آزادی
برای آزادی

For the Sake of ...

For the sake of dancing in the street
For the fear in the moment of kissing
For my sister, your sister, our sisters
For changing the eroded brains
For the shame1, For the pennilessness
For the yearning for an ordinary life
For the sake of the poor child that searches in the garbage and their dreams2
For this command economy3
For this polluted air 4
For Vali-'asr5and the withered trees
For Piruz6 and his probable extinction
For the forbidden innocent dogs7
For the non-stop cryings
For the image of repetition of this moment
For a laughing face
For the students, For the future
For this mandatory paradise 8
For the imprisoned intellects
For the Afghan children
For all of this "for"s that have no repetition 9
For all this hollow chants 10
For the collapse of the chaffy houses 11
For the feeling of peace and tranquillity
For the sun after long nights
For the mental illness' pills and insomnia
For men, fatherland, prosperity
For the sake of the girl that wished she was a boy
For women, life, freedom
For freedom
For freedom
For freedom
  • 1. Refers to the shame men and fathers feel when they can't provide for their family, and they can't buy their children things that they have promised
  • 2. Refers to an interview on the street, when the journalist asked a little boy who was searching in the garbage this question:"what is your dream?", and the little boy innocently answered: "what is a dream?". He wasn't even familiar with the word.
  • 3. In Iran almost all companies and organizations are run buy the government. They don't function properly because of nepotism and corruption, and it is the people who have to suffer the consequences
  • 4. Importing cars to Iran is forbidden by the government. The domestic car industry is run by the government and it is corrupt. It is very inefficient and they lose so much money every year, and this money belongs to people. Also, these cars are extremely unsafe, expensive and they pollute the air.
    Being a country with natural gas reserves, Iran can't produce enough gas for the households and industry. So industries use cheap fuels such as Mazut, which pollutes the air.
    َAlso, dust storm phenomena in Iran has been a big issue in the last decades, and Iranian government and its neighbor countries are responsible for it.
  • 5. Name of a street in Tehran
  • 6. Name of an asiatic cheetah
  • 7. Keeping a dog is okay by Islam. But keeping it as a pet is forbidden. So it is forbidden in Iran to walk dogs in the street. Also, the government sometimes kills the stray dogs instead of fixing them, probably because it is cheaper this way.
  • 8. refers to the government forcing people to follow the rules of religion
  • 9. It means there is already a long list of reasons even without repetition
  • 10. refers to propaganda and related chants. The corrupt government officials speak of religion or independence of Iran while they don't follow any religion and they would even sell the country if they had the opportunity. Also, the children of these officials live a luxurious life overseas with the money their parents have stolen from Iranian people
  • 11. refers the overlook of unsafe buildings by municipal officers due to nepotism and bribery, and the collapse of these buildings that have caused human life losses
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