Songs about COVID-19 - part 2

Created by устим ладенко on 29 Apr 2020 | Last edited by устим ладенко on 29 May 2020
Songs about COVID-19 - part 2

In this collection there will be songs about coronavirus, pandemic and quarantine which were not included in the first part (limit of 100 elements). The theme is far from exhausted, let's add new songs - more songs, less infection!

Two pretty girls sing about the quarantine. Why didn't you come?

Translations:  Russian

The song of Aleksandar & Dac is about COVID-19. Corona, bye!

The song of Bobi Wine and Nubian Li about the alert of Coronavirus.

An original collaboration song of Rohi David Dela Cruz. A tribute to the Philippines and all the nations affected by the pandemic COVID 19.

Song of Daniela Simmons about how it will end.

Song of Freshtorge: more health care and restrictions = less infections and more effective fight against the covid-19 pandemic.

Song of Kryštof against pandemic: Just now!

This humoristic song of Hustej Wimpy is about coronavirus, football, politics and Chinese influence on Czech life.

Translations:  Russian

This song is quarantine parody of Nohavica song "Malé české blues"

The song of Gmac Cash about coronavirus

A short Polish song of Karol Koprukowiak that went viral here - pun intended.

Translations:  English

A typical Polish disco polo song of Miedzian about COVID-19

Translations:  English

A Hungarian song of LIL PAPO about the pandemic which doesn't take itself too seriously.

Translations:  English

A Polish song of Magda Bereda against COVID-19.

Song of Kusibaba about coronavirus and quarantine.

Song of WIP BROS about quarantine.

Song Michael Gorecki about virus in Zakopane, Poland (parody "Miłość w Zakopanem").

Song of Vin Vinci about quarantine.

Song of Vin Vinci about coronavirus and pandemic.

Song of PJK Eastny about coronavirus.

Song of Hinol Polska Wersja about pandemic.

Song | Spanish Ska-P

Song by Ska-P about pandemic.

Translations:  German
Song | English DAX

The song by DAX is about COVID-19 and state of emergency.

The song by Dermot Ryan about COVID-19, pandemic and social distancing.

Translations:  Russian

Song by Rusty Cage about COVID-19.

Song by Dreamwise about COVID-19.

Song by Sergey Rybachev about coronavirus.

This song is a dialogue with coronavirus in traditional Caucasian style. Enjoy!

Translations:  Czech
Song | Czech Pokáč

Song by Pokáč about quarantine - Let us go to the barber!

This song by Alicia Keys is about people who now fight against coronavirus pandemic.

Translations:  Spanish Turkish German 4 more

Song by Casey Groves about COVID-19

The song by Joy Thamalam and Ishaan Dev about pandemic.

Translations:  Transliteration

A Song of Strength, Togetherness & Hope, to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic, by A.R. Rahman, Prasoon Joshi, HDFC Bank & Various Talented Artists.

Translations:  Transliteration

Song by Ken Copeland about COVID-19.

Song by Marina Lin is about COVID-19

Quarantine got you down? This quarantine song will get you smiling under your mask in no time!

This Hindi song is about quarantine.

Translations:  Transliteration

Song of Olivia Lane about quarantine.

Song | Czech Wohnout

Song of Wohnout about pandemic.

Song by Karel Peterka about COVID-19.

Song by Jiří Krhut about coronavirus.

Song by Ondřej Brzobohatý to support people who fight against COVID-19.

Song by Republika Blaník about pandemic and politics.

Founders sing about COVID-19

Translations:  German

Song by Transgression about the fight against coronavirus.

This song by is Finnish cover of Ghen Cô Vy / Corona Song

Chico César set music to this poem by Bráulio Bessa. All names mentioned there are of people who died of COVID-19. Chico César set music to this poem by Bráulio Bessa. All names mentioned there are of people who died of COVID-19.

Song by Jr Koling Job Marfa about coronavirus.

Song by Radio Tapok about quarantine.

Song by Blanktape about COVID-19.

Translations:  English

Song by Aditotoro about COVID-19.

This song is about COVID-19 and quarantine.

The song by Malaysia musicians about COVID-19.

Pandemic parody of the famous Beatles song by Founders Sing

Translations:  Romanian German Polish 1 more

The parody song by Parody Project about Carona/Corona.

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Can you recommend some Hungarian music in general? Rock, pop, ...

(The only song I like in Hungarian is Thy Catafalque - Szélvész, but mostly the calm parts)

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